Victor’s Sweet Funnel Cake Mix

VICTOR’S Sweet Funnel Cake Mix Victor’s Sweet Funnel Cake Mix was developed for a major theme park in the mid-Atlantic region over thirty years ago, and has become a standard in funnel cake fryers across the East Coast. Sweeter than other funnel cake mixes, this mix will help you make crispy, flakey funnel cake that […]

Victor’s Candy Apple Magic


VICTOR’S Candy Apple Magic Make the sweetest-tasting, crunchiest candy apples every time with Victor’s Candy Apple Magic.  Serving Size: Each 15 oz bag of Candy Apple Magic will coat approximately 70-100 apples, depending on size of fruit. Flavors: Cherry Red, Blue Raspberry, Pink Strawberry, Lime, Grape and Caramel Cooking Instructions: Wipe the apples dry (avoid washing […]

Victor’s Cotton Candy Magic

Hand holding cotton candy

VICTOR’S Cotton Candy Magic Victor’s own brand of ready-to-use cotton candy sugar with flavor. Spend less time mixing sugar and more time selling and interacting with customers. No advanced preparation required! Like Flossine, but the sugar is already added. Just open carton, pour, and start making cotton candy!  Serving Size: Each 3.25 lb carton of Cotton […]

Victor’s Dipsy Dog

VICTOR’S Dipsy Dog Mix Developed over fifty years ago from Victor’s own recipe, Dipsy Dog corn dog mix is now a staple in carnivals, fairs, concession stands and restaurants worldwide.  With it’s signature sweet taste, there is no mistaking this classic midway treat.  Serving Size: Each 5 lb box of Dipsy Dog mix will coat […]